07 July 2010


Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 14:09
the pain, again and again.

until there is no one know the existence..

and no more tears drop..

till the end..

of life.

05 July 2010

i am afraid..

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 01:03
what i'm going to do? without you? who i am? tell me!

oh, this going crazy! this is me. nope!

am i going to face this for the whole year? oh gosh.

i relly can't stand being like this. no no no kind of this way.

can i stop doing this stupid things? NOW?!

grr. speechless. anyway ..

actually, NO WAY! shit? ahh. full stop!

or maybe, this is too early. for me?

and still.. have too, to go on? feel like this? uh?

what? i am CRAZY? hope so..

so that, i don't have to think for this sucks thing. uhh

what i'm thinking actually? no idea.

so, give a FULLSTOP now!

without love,
hana qasrina hanim.

03 July 2010

no tittle?

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 18:32
What i want to say? What i want to write? What i want to tell? What i want to type? What i want actually?

Oh GOD. Help me. Show me the way. Give me the hope. Or, give me the rubbish!

Why i keep thinking bout it? WHY?!

I've ask You to show me the truth. Is this the true path for me?

Keep looking forward,Hana Qasrina Hanim! Your journey still far away.

FOCUS to your study and forget all this silly things.

"If it is meant for you, there is no other way to ignore the fate."


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