10 October 2011

The Anniversary

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 00:50
Assalamualaikum and hello people!

Again, a short post. ♥



We have been together for 1 year. And we will make it forever, InsyaAllah.

01 October 2011

A Degree Student !

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 11:06

Assalamualaikum and hello big people!
Have a very nice weekend jyeah everyone. ♥

Soooo long no update from me and idk why. -_-" As usual, some of you and you asked me for updates. Because we are separated by distance. And yes, I miss you too mate! ;)

Okey sudah lah berbahasa orang putih sebabnya saya ne tak putih pun. Jadi mari kita berbahsa melayu campuran ye. ^_^

Back to the topic, most of the people know i got an offer from USIM with "Kaunseling" program. And yes, i went there BUT only for a few days. Dah berorentasi kat sana and suddenly i got an offer from UiTM with engineering program.

First, nak story pasal USIM. Ramai orang tak tahu what is USIM and where it is. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. Located at Nilai. A new university with a poor facilities. Bukan niat nak memburukkan nama USIM, but its a fact. Better for me to stop talking about USIM cause it will make me frustrated. AHAHA lol -_-''

Then ramai pulak yang tertanya how i got the offer from UiTM. The answer is i meet the Dekan of the faculty. At first mmg ada ramai orang dalam, but since the UiTM policy dah berubah, non of my "orang dalam" can help. So, i just try my luck to write a letter and alhamdulillah i am here today.

What a boring story hana? T-T Sorry tak ada idea nak menulis. Plus no picture. The most important for a student is to have a FRIEND. Jyeah, almost semua kawan kat sini baik-baik belaka. Roomates yang bagus, and paling suka is bestfriend yang baik. ♥ Later updates about them okey! ;)

So, goodbye people. 
Hana Qasrina Hanim :)


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