29 May 2012

Too much to say,

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 21:54
Assalamualaikum and happy holiday people. :)
It has been a few moths since I've posted the last entry. As always, I am reading your posts but I didn't left any trace. I hope everyone reading this will have a good and healthy life. InsyaAllah.

Since I've never post anything, it doesn't meant I have nothing to say. Actually I have too much to say. But I don't know to who and when or where or what it is. Every time I was thinking, I wanted to write it in blog but when it comes to elaborate, I was lost. That is why no more post around this few months. Or else, I was fine. Completely fine. I guess.

Have you ever heard about 49 Days? It is a Korean drama. My friend suggested to me to watch the drama. At first, it seems to be boring. Like always, it turns better for the next few episodes. My highlight is about the moral of the drama. You should watch it. Then you can think about your life. Do everyone around you love you like you do? Or did.

Oh, don't misunderstood. I am talking about the drama. 49 Days. It's about a girl dying and she has a second chance to live. But the condition is, she have to collect three tears. 100% sincere loving her. From the first she was very excited to accept the treasure. She thinks all people around her are good and nice. But at last she found that even her best friend and fiance are back stabbers. Can you imagine that?

We can't trust all people around us. Sometimes, the one that we think hate us is the most sincere liking us. It can be turn out that way, for some reasons that we ever known. Like my previous entry, we HAVE to treat people equally. Never ever biased or one-sided. This is how we live. But it can't be that way, right? :)

Can you read this? --->
Do you know what it's mean? Do you any feeling for not having BEST FRIEND by your side? Even they are with you, the are not actually with you. It is tiring to not tell a person what did you feel, what had happen to you, or what you had archived. Or they are beside you but they were not listening to you. People get annoyed easily btw. I guess you never ever have those feeling. It is good then. ♥

Continue about the drama,
She appears in front of her friends and family without they knowing it. From there, she can know the their true colors. Even this is nonsense, but we can take it as a value. We can't ever know about what actually happens behind us. What will you expect from that? We don't know how sincerely they are to us. Our friends, our classmates, our schoolmates and anyone. It is very hard to find those people who are really liking us without any conditions. HARD.


Nice quote right? ♥
Can you choose who will make you happy? Can you choose who will love you? Can you choose who want to be with you? CAN YOU? Speechless. Hm. It seems like I can't choose. Because I feel everyone makes me happy when I am with them. I guess so. I guess. I guess. Sometime, we have to impress people cause not always people will make us happy. Not always. But yet, it is our choice to choose.

The feel of being alone, it can't be described. The persons are just talking to themselves. Thinking of nothing. The problems never be solved. There is too much to say, ..

Dear god, please send me happiness before I have to close my eyes for forever. That's it.


syaifulfaris on May 29, 2012 at 10:10 PM said...

come to papa bebeh. AMAN sad-sad. :D

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