13 December 2011

Antara Aku dan BEL,

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 18:50
Aku dan BEL memang tak akan pernah ada jodoh,

Namun masihkah wujud ikatan antara kami?

11 December 2011

I'm not weird, I'm just different.

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 22:48
Assalamualaikum friends. :)

How are you everyone? Hope everything went excellent. Please take a look again on my tittle. Read again for the third time. Okay thank you very much for your attention, my fellow friends. I appreciate it much.

Second, read this quote again and again. Am I annoying? That annoying I mean seriously annoying huh? Okay I'll stop.

Enough is enough. Yes I'm tired to live as I am now. I don't wish to, but I have too. It is not easy to be others and live well, very well.  Have you noticed what are weird about me? Okay I am weirdo ; totally freak. They said, "Tak pernah lagi kot jumpa orang macam ni, first time." Am I that loser? Yes of course I was touching. Then suddenly I would remember what my daddy said, "Adik bukan pelik, adik cuma istimewa." Thank you abah.

Quote accepted. Am I right? If you feel the pain, even they were sorry toward us they'll never know how it was actually. Its a fact that no one can deny. Crying sometimes helpless when we can't afford the burden. Somehow we just can let the time judge our life.

I am sorry for being too weird. I am always fall sick ; sometimes twice a week. I have to eat on time. I'm choosy at food. I'm too neat doing my work. I have so may allergies toward many things. I went hard to sleep. I am easy to wake up. I got problem with my bones. I can't run, I can't use stairs for three levels in a second. I have a cartoon voice. I love to talk. I am annoying. Okay, full stop.

I am partially agreed with this statement. That is just what words can say. Deep inside, we need people ; we need friends. We can't live by our own in our world. We definitely can't stay away from those people, but we can avoid being dumped. We cannot be like others or split personality or two-faced evil to get attention ; but we can try our best. :)

Can you accept me as who I am? A few of them asked me how he can stand with me, with my behavior? The answer is very simple. People are not perfect, so do I. Even if she is weird, she has her strength and power. She just can't express.   

Have you found this quote? If not, read it twice. Not all people can understand the way I am. Some people hate me while others love me. But I love the way I don't pretend to be someone I'm not just to impress anyone. My tears drop suddenly after I wrote this quote. I am very pity to myself. I am just being me. And I know many of you love me and can take me as who I am.

I am Hana Qasrina, and I love being her. It is not I want to change myself. I just want to move on in a different way. They love me, they talk to me, they wish me and they noticed me. They know that Hana Qasrina is exist. I am not Hanim anymore. And I even wish I don't know her. Until there is enough tears I couldn't stop.

I am lying if I am not miserable. Those harsh words that come from their mouth are killing me, stopping my heartbeat. It was very pain. Too much ache. I know people don't know me, so I have to let go of the hate and forget the pain. I have no choice after all. If you read this till the end of this entry, I am glad to have you. I do.

Pray hard to live, stay strong to our life. Live your life happily. "Lagi banyak ujian yang Allah bagi, menandakan lagi Dia sayangkan hamba-Nya ; dan bertambah lah kasih sayang Dia terhadap kita." Wish all the best and remember, I'm not weird I'm just different.

Ain, Tirah and Me
Just a million thanks to my friends, who will be with me in tears and happiness. Not to forget, my dearest Syaiful Faris ; Thank you for standing by my side for years ago. Last but not least, you ; the reader.

♥ Hana Qasrina 


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