26 March 2012

Better to live on your own,

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 19:39
Live a better life, Hana. The journey is too way long for you to stop now. Nothing could change the luck that you have. Even with your name. There is nobody for you to trust anymore. Just move a step forward and you'll see the kindness of the earth to you.

Everyone needs God. Everyone needs family. Everyone needs friends. Everyone needs money.
Peace. That is something somebody can't have or can't even know whats it mean. And yes, Hana got her own peace. It is too peace to hear the tears drop. The life go silent.

The most precious the your life is family. nothing can bet it. It is fact.
You will share the happiness and the sadness of all your life with your family. They are the only persons for you to trust. If not them, who's then? Later you'll regret with what you've done to them. 

Frankly says that it is very tired to be used. To be nice as people always take advantages on you. Is there any rules to be good? Hell no. It is not to BE GOOD, but BE YOURSELF. You can attract people if you are NICE, but when you have NOTHING, you are INVISIBLE. Am I right? It's life. You'll be tired to be used, unless you're too naive that you always can be used. Like pepatah Melayu said, "Buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali". So, how to do? Follow the rules -->? Or just be yourself even you have to live on your own? Think.

College. Money. and Friends.
Three things that can't be separated. Is it true? Yes. No one can deny. What is your perception through these element? Bad? Or fun? :) Like I've said before, my best life was in Puncak Alam. And I even pray to be there again. We need them. Money and friends at college. But here, we'll find that there are many types of people around you until you can't even recognize which one is your friend.

Live on your own,
To laugh and to smile or to cry all by yourself. No one will know. Just be healthy and maintain a good mood. Pray hard and live smart. Never ever let people hurt you, or touch your heart. Prove to people you can do it with your capability. ♥

Built a castle in your mind and stay happy like nothing happend around you. Here, our love story begins. Never give up Hana! Move forward and never look back. :)


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