22 January 2010

my findings for today?

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 19:03

okay! today i went to my wan's home. yeah that is his home. i know it is wonderful n u please don't be jealous OK. er can u see there is a car. yes it is a KANCIL. u know what? i drove the car lah! haha i was driving? can u believe it?! illegal licence loh. ngeh3 btw, it was my first time okeyy! i was sangap to drive a car. it is because my jpj test is next week. OMG! next week? just near the corner lahh. shh! i want to continue my story okay. it was my dad too! he asked me to drive to wan's home. oh god. is this the life of spm result's waiting student? he said that it is a long time since i went to wan's home. as i remember, the last time was last month. during spm lah. not so long okay daddy! i do miss the village but there is a thing that i can't accept to be there. i love my wan. i love u wan!!

this is my wan. absolutely! he is a handsome boy. guess so? haha. he is a lonely wan since my tok is gone. pity to him,rite? my dad is the only one who take good care of him even there are two families besides him. can u see that he is wearing a watch? let i inform u that i had learnt to wear it from wan. he always wear the watch except during bathing. hem, before we went to wan's home, we dropped at Pacific aka AS MALL. ohh! there is a promotion lah. too many cars and motorcycles and we had a Q there. as i was driving, its a bit difficult lah because I'm not good in driving yet. huhu. my dad bought a roti panjang that i even don't know what was that. then, we continued our journey. i started driving again. but why i got nervous hah? i was afraid of what? my dad? no lahh! it just because the road is too small and I'm not used to drive the way yet.

yummy! ohh finger licking good yeah? the goreng pisang was made by my cu. and i prepared the tea. roti panjang was kerat by cu lah. this is what we call hi tea! haha. is that rite? ohh i don't even know bout it okay. we had our hi tea together. sounds like ramai ja? of course. as i said, there are two families here. the things u should know is I am really hate kids. ohh please! get them off. dush!

yeah. they are a twin. my dad love them much. he likes to be with them whenever he is free. sometimes i heard they called my dad abah. maybe it is a good thing because my dad is very close to them but i hate it. even though my dad is their uncle but i want a limit between them. but thanks a lot to them because they are the only boys that can be my dad's sons. such that my dad do not have a son. they make my dad happy and smile. of course my dad love them. they cute uhh? whatever!

lets talk about pisang. pisang is banana. at my wan's home has many banana's tree. am i rite? just ignore ok. hehe. i snapped the banana's picture. i tought it is interesting to put it in my blog. but i don't know why. sorry! have u heard about pisang berbuah dua kali? whats that mean hah? i asked my cu, but she didn't want to respond me. she said, "balik tanya mama la". just now i asked my momma bout that. like my cu, she also ignored me. aah! I'm very disappointed to them. dush! while i was having a walk around the house, my dad was plucking the bananas to bring home. yey! cu also gave us pelam. she said "makan dgn kuah rojak Mak Bee,bagi licin muka." haha she was perli me because my face has many pimples/acne. which one huh? surrender ok! i don't know lah.

this is coconut tree. ooh very tall! ishk. so many things at my wan's home,rite? there are banana, mangoes, coconut, chilies, ulams, tebu n many more. but i didn't have enough time to catch all of them. coconut is a large oval brown seed of a tropical palm consisting of a hard woody husk surrounded by fibre, lined with edible white flesh and containing a clear liquid aka coconut milk. the flesh of the coconut often shredded and used as food such as santan and risik. maybe? i just hentam okay! so, u can make ur own essay bout coconut ya. I was really tired lahh. i had to drive again. okay bai bai! (:


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