17 April 2010

tengs much frens!

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 00:11

thumbs up to all ma LC frens.


the story went like this ;

in the evening on rabu, i took mya at her house. then, we went to ncky's home to take ncky n mena along. when we arrived there, mena was still on praying. so, we had to keep waiting for her. then, ncky asked us to come into her home to meet umi. umi gave us macaroni and the tools for making a cake. after that, we slowly went to TESCO because mya like TESCO. i lost RM119.24 for buying all the things. thumbs up again. HAHA. they love shopping. while we were going home, mama called me. i asked mya to answer. *because i was afraid. already 8pm. OMG!! i push on the pedal so that we can arrive in short. hehe . in the night, mama cooked char koeteow, but it had became koeteow goreng. HAHA i love my mama. then, mya started doing her job. making dessert. but ncky, already arrived to LONDON! tired. now, the times for bedtime story. one am. ops. SECRET! mena said, "esok nak p pasar pagi. yay!" i slept around 230am. mena 3am. but mya 5am, idk what they were doing. =.="

early in the Thursday's morning, i asked mena. "nk p pasar pagi dak?". with geleng2 kepala she said, "xmw". n continue sleeping. puihh mena! smlm beria2 sgt nk p pasar pagi. ciss! all of us woke up around nine am. mya started her job again. but i went to warong to buy nasik lemak for breakfast. mya already brought a chocolate cake, then continuing made a topping. after that, she made the spagheti and mushroom soup with the garlic bread. while cooking, mya found that theres something not enough to cook. mya and i went to AS MALL. again, i lost RM20. ;p ncky's job was opening the tins. unfortunately, she made the pembuka tin broke. we had a BIG laugh. there were a few more tins to open. how come? ncky tried to use knife. but, HAHA again. i shouted to call my neighbour, cik kiah. and asked her to open the tins. *malu aih. then, we wanted to make the punch fruit, again there was something bad. the syrup was missing. then i called mumma to buy the syrup. because i had went to the kedai runcit but closed. till two pm, nobody had a bath. mya still continued finishing the menu. i first had the bath. (;

around three pm. the convoy arrived. then we were busying served the foods. FINGER LICKING GOOD!! the party started. the party had became EXTREME with the presence of DIK JUL, hero of the day. setaii terokk babe! idk how to describe about the day, in one word ;


i'm sorry if there were something imperfect yesterday. i'm sorry from my sis if she was not friendly with u all. dia garang gila. n that day, she made me angry for using my myvi. so, i hate her. HAHA

tengs much frens, ilysm! u make my life happier. u were the colour of my life...

LC Forever~


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