25 November 2011

My Friend My Enemy,

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 21:54
Assalamualaikum and hello people!
No more short post today, haha. There is a topic that I wish to write about today and I hope my friends will see it. Jyeah, as always. I just can wish and wish. Only true friends will read my post. Not because they want to know what it is about but because they care. Love, ♥

Hm. Why I want to write this entry? Oh. last night I went to "Peers Clinic". It was like a lecture or talk on every Thursday night at my Faculty. Activity coupon and foods provided. Who attends the talk, will get marks for KI (Kemahiran Insaniah ; UiTM co-curriculum). The main reason I went to the talk just because I remember what my dad said, "Cari lah ilmu di tempat lain jugak, bukan dalam kelas saja. Pengisian diri tu penting untuk membina benteng diri". And I enjoyed the talk.

The topic is very interesting. "Kawanku Musuhku". As usual, they didn't talk much about the related ideas. But I was thinking myself. Do my friends hate me? Do people get annoying with me? What do people talk about me? Am I that suck? Omg. I can't be perfect so do everyone. At this moment, I really DO NOT HATE ANYONE. And I repeat, anyone. If you don't want people to hate you, so you can't hate others. It's a cycle. :)

You can't ever blame people if they hate you or even do not like you or else, whatever! It must be your fault at instant, but you can blame people that make other people hate you too. #What a quote? Huh. Enough with hate word. Do you have any? Enemy? Pleaseee. I don't want to have it. >.<

Yes, the the quote wholly perfect ! Assume it is not your fault. It is their fault. Somehow, people got jealous with you. Want to be like you. Likes you? They be your friends just want to take advantages of you. Want be with you. Or, have too. 

I'm glad here, when friends shout my name even from far away or from upstairs or downstairs or in the middle of the traffic or wherever. Yes I appreciate it much much ! So thankful to be Hana Qasrina, like seriously. I can't talk the sensitive issue, cause there are somewhere or stalker out there that "hate" you and want to destroy you even you just type an entry about "friends". Urgh, what's a life! 

How wonderful your life when all your friends love you like you do. Err, you do? Okey like I do. It is hard to make people love you back. It is either you look fabulous or you have to be hypocrite. Really? The easiest way is be yourself. Up to them whether they want to be with you or not. If nobody wants to, then you mess up with yourselves. -.-

In fact, people the most closed with you always be your enemy and become back stabber. Because they have solid secrets about you ; about your good and bad behavior. Friends always be friends. In case you never been stabbed, you are somehow a loser. Haha. It is life to have both good and bad friends. Could you choose your friends? Then you are a totally offensive person. T-T

Alhamdulillah, everywhere I went to, there would be a best friend that could help me. It is either male or female I am very grateful to meet them. Lotsa love people. I will improve myself, not to be hypocrite. :)

#Friend stab you in front of you? 


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