27 March 2012


Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 21:16
In one evening, i had a conversation with mama,

Me : Mama, adik nak pi usrah la.

Mama : Usrah mana?

Me : Usrah kat sini la, smart group.

Mama : Ada geng ka?

Me : Ada la sorang kawan adik, Zima.

Mama : Ha, pi la.

Me : Tapi kan, segan la. Depa semua pakai tudung labuh.

Mama : Tak kan semua tudung labuh kot?

Me : Yalah, tudung semua sampai siku. Malu la.

Mama : Mai mama pos tudung mama, mau dak?

Me : Err, tak mau lah. Segan. :|

Mama : Pakai la labuh sikit, senget pun adik pakai tudung.

Me : Tutup dada la jugak. -_-

Mama : Takpa, pakai labuh sikit. Start la warna basic dulu. Warna hitam ka putih ka.

Me : Huu tengok dulu.

Today, i already opened a new book to write about my life. It is a step forward like my words yesterday. Even I know it will not last, but better something than nothing right? :)

Today's class begin with TITAS (Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia) and Ustaz didn't come to the class. We'll feel upset as there wasn't any notice. Or maybe because it was raining, perhaps. But I think it should not be an excuse to not attend the class. After blablabla with friends, i went to ladies and i saw one of my classmate was taking her wudhu'. She wanted to pray Dhuha. I followed her to surau. And I saw her.

While waiting, i was thinking myself. She can pray even without wearing telekung. Why? Because she covered her aurat. The aurat is enough covered if you can pray with what you wear. As we know, telekung is not compulsory. Its about aurat. My heart beats loudly. The screenshot appeared on my mind. Again I remembered about the last days. I used to be like her, but not now. ..

The intention is very important. At least. At least you have the intention to be better. It is good enough for the first step. Like a baby. They can't run without trying to walk. It same goes to us. To be the best, we should be good-better-best. :) Step by step we will make a move.

Islam sebagai ad-deen.
Remember the quote. Its not from me, not from books. It's from Allah. We ere His slave. We must follow. We are Muslims. We must take Islam entirely not semi-ly. I'm not good enough to ask people to be better. Because I know who I am. But I want it. This is not riak, this is a mission.We must tell people so it will a booster for you to reach the target. Allah will not only see the result, in fact He also see the effort. Everyone can be good, but not all can istiqamah. ♥

HIJAB is not only about wearing scarf and covering aurat. Hijab means protector, security of the woman. Take it as an advantage to be the world's most beautiful jewelry. Wanita adalah hiasan dunia. Dan sebaik-baik hiasan adalah wanita solehah. :) 


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