07 March 2011

The sweetest part

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 21:41

When i was sleeping, he called my phone.

He said : "Sayang, bangun laaa.." 
I said : "Watpa nak bangun?" 
He replied : "Study laa sayang..~"

OMG !!

This is my study week, and he is really care about my study. Okay, sometimes i miss the moment when my mom cares about me when the exams is around the corner. Everything is perfect! I repeat, PERFECT! She will do milo for me every night, and sent it to my room and put it on my table. She will wash my cloths, dry it and fold it. <--betul ke eja mcm tu? hehe She will cook something extra delicious and pretty. When i fall asleep, she will tide up my table and make it look nice so that i will have the momentum to start the new journey of studying. She will always accompany me while i was boring, and sit beside me then we can chit-chat sometimes. She will give advices to me. And the most important is she will never let me give up. I miss her words.

Mom, I miss you sooo much ! ♥

And thank you darling, for being super cute and nice to me. :)

p/s : my mom treat me like a princess. yes, i am a spoil brat. ^_^ so, i want my mom now!!!


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