10 April 2011

No More Happiness

Teneneow HANA QASRINA HANIM at 01:52


Itu lah perempuan kan. Benda remeh macam ni pun nak bising. Monthsary je kan. But tanpa ingat monthsary ni lah susah nak sampai ke anniversary. Walaupun awak tak ingat, tapi saya tetap sayang awak. Dulu awak jugak yang cakap kita kena celebrate, tapi seems it has turn around. Malah awak lupakan saya juga. Terima kasih sayang. ;)

One of the nuances of being in a relationship is keeping track of calendar events… the wholesome kind. The rest of the world seems to believe in it, promote it and celebrate it. The idea is that a couple celebrates anniversaries when they reach the first year, but have to give each other gifts and such every month on the same date. Example, If a girl and a guy hooked up during the first of January, they celebrate monthsary during the first day of the succeeding months until January comes again.

For me, it is not necessary to give each other the kind of gifts every month and going out to celebrate it. Enough to remember and wish each other. That way, the love will grow stronger. Try to make it forever is just a goals to live together ever after. ♥


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